Floral Design and DIY Flowers for Weddings & Events


Maine is a beautiful destination for weddings and events. Bumbleroot offers full floral design services as well as D-I-Y flower buckets from mid-May through mid-October. Please see below for details or contact us for more information. 

Full Floral Design

Bumbleroot offers a full range of floral design services for weddings and events in Maine and throughout New England. All of the flowers and foliage we use in our arrangements, bouquets and installations are grown and gathered on our farm or sourced from our friends at flower farms nearby. 

We cultivate over 70 varieties of flowers and greenery, and are certified organic. This means our practices are ethical and sustainable, and our flowers are fresh and vibrant. Our approach to design work is inspired by nature and the seasons. Our style is rustic and simple, and we will work closely with you to find the colors, shapes and textures to make your vision a reality.

Please contact our flower manager Melissa at bumblerootoganicfarm@gmail.com for details, costs and scheduling for the 2019 season. We look forward to working with you!

Flowers by the bucket

For brides and hosts seeking a D-I-Y flower option, we offer buckets of freshly-harvested flowers to be picked up at the farm. This approach is perfect for those looking to arrange your own flowers and add a personal touch to your wedding or special occasion. It allows you to be creative as you design and bring your vision to life.

When you contact us we will discuss your color scheme, timing, and quantities needed for your event. We offer buckets filled with flowers and greenery that match your theme, however due to the uncertainties of organic farming we cannot guarantee specific flower types or varieties. The Bumbleroot team will harvest all the flowers and provide them in buckets for you to pick up - we are located just 20 minutes from downtown Portland. We would be happy to provide pricing at your request. Please contact Melissa at bumblerootorganicfarm@gmail.com to get started!