Bumbleroot Flower CSA

Flower shares will go on sale February 1, 2018. Your early sign up helps us pay for flower seeds, compost, and other materials necessary to make your bouquets. We hope you join us! 


Personal Flower Shares

Ten weeks of mixed bouquets. All flowers are grown, harvested and arranged by the Bumbleroot team. Types and varieties of flowers in the bouquets will change as the season progresses, beginning with early blooms like sweet peas and snapdragons, and ending the season with sunflowers and dahlias. Bouquets are medium in size- perfect for your kitchen table. See photos below for examples. 

Business Flower Shares

Our business share includes ten weeks of flower arrangements to brighten up the front desk, lobby, or conference rooms of your local business. These arrangements are larger than our mixed bouquets and come in mason jars, vases and other vessels. We ask that you return the vessels the following week so we can reuse them throughout the season. Please contact us directly at to coordinate the details of a Bumbleroot flower share for your business in 2018.