Meet the Farmers


Hailing from Massachusetts, Ben first gained an interest in agriculture working on a cattle ranch in California. He has since worked on farms in Colorado, Vermont, Massachusetts, and now Maine! He prefers his guitar turned up to 11 and loves the scent of lavender. His spirit animal is a Kodiak Bear. Roar. 

Ben is on the farm full time during the season- he does everything from seeding to weeding and handles all the fence building and accounting for Bumbleroot. 



Jeff found his way to the east coast by way of Washington, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Colorado, but was born and raised in Iowa. Jeff loves cats, the NYTimes Best Sellers list, and existing in this world as a lefty. He is a wizard in the kitchen and is in the market for a good canoe. 

Jeff is our crop-planner, field-preparer, and heavy lifter.  He builds things, fixes things, and makes sure everything gets done on time. Don't try to race him- you'll never win. 

Photo by Jenny Nelson

Photo by Jenny Nelson


Born in neighboring New Hampshire, Melissa's love for growing food comes from eating, traveling the globe and studying herbalism. Her favorite food is ice cream and she'll take rainbow sprinkles over chocolate any day. She fancies herself ruler of the island of Catan.

You can find Melissa in the field munching on tasty snacks and trying to keep up with Jeff, Ben and the farm dogs. She is the flower-planner, Portland CSA pick-up manager, and website fixer-upper.  




Abby made her way to Maine by following her passion for delicious food and beer after working in a hut in the White Mountains and on a schoolbus-turned-kitchen in Colorado. She prefers glades over groomers, and as a native Long Islander, she knows a good bagel when she eats one.

Abby works full-time at Allagash Brewing Company, but we put her to work in the field on her days off.  She's our marketing and newsletter magician, our CSA coordinator, and she keeps the farm fridge packed with tasty brews.

IMG_4771 (2).JPG



Bowie joined the farm back in July of 2015, and has officially filled the role of Bumbleroot safety officer. He always knows where everyone is and makes it his job to keep everyone in line (especially his pal Sal). He specializes in potato-digging, frisbee-playing, and 100 meter sprints. And as you can see- he loves rolling around in anything brown. He's a farm dog if ever there was one- now we just need some animals for him to herd!

IMG_7199 (1).JPG


Sally "Mustang" Fisher is our youngest Bumbleroot farmer and Bowie's bigger half. She gives him kisses all day long and reminds him to eat his lunch when he forgets. She loves romping around, smiling, and welcoming any newcomer to the farm. Don't know what we'd do without her happy-go-lucky attitude; she reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.