Bumbleroot Organic Farm seeks to connect people with the land and food that sustains them. Our goal is to build community and sustainable systems through the organic production of food and flowers. 

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Colorado to Maine

The four owners of Bumbleroot met in Colorado. Jeff and Ben started farming together as interns at Cure Organic Farm in Boulder and worked there for three seasons, both becoming managers. Abby served locally-produced food on Boulder farms with Meadowlark Farm Dinners before she started her career in craft beer, and Melissa studied herbal medicine at the Colorado School for Clinical Herbalism in Boulder.

Jeff and Abby moved from Colorado to Maine in 2013, and Ben and Melissa followed a year later so they could all start Bumbleroot Organic Farm together. Bumbleroot came to life on a small plot of leased land in Buxton, Maine where the team grew vegetables and flowers for two years. In 2016, they purchased a stunning 89-acre farm in Windham, just 10 miles from downtown Portland. 

The four of us share a passion for food, and we love sharing the food we grow with family, friends, and people in our community. Our goal is to grow high quality organic produce using methods that will keep the soil and the ecosystems in which we work healthy for generations to come. Through Maine Farmland Trust, we have granted a conservation easement on our land, ensuring that it will remain farmland forever.

We are now entering our fifth season, and we’re excited for the changes we have in store for 2019 (first time growing strawberries!). We’re grateful for our amazing team - together we’ll bring joy to the work of growing food for our community. Please sign up for our newsletter to keep up with Bumbleroot news and share in the growth that’s taking place on our farm. We thank you for your interest and look forward to feeding you in the future!