Bumbleroot CSA Program

Our 2019 Fall CSA goes on sale to the public October 1st. Get 6 weeks of your favorite fall veggies from mid-October through Thanksgiving - everything from salad greens to root veggies to garlic & winter squash. Find more details about our Fall CSA by clicking here.

Our 2020 Summer CSA will go on sale in January of 202The goal of our CSA is to build community around our farm by providing fresh, organic food and flowers to local families. We hope to form strong relationships with people who are interested in supporting local farms and farmers. We are committed to regenerative farming practices that restore the health of our soils and improve the biodiversity of our land. When you become a member of our CSA you are supporting our families and helping to strengthen the local economy here in Maine. Thank you for supporting small farms!

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You become a CSA member by investing in a share of our harvest at the beginning of our growing season, when we need that money the most. Your investment helps us with our early season costs like seeds, tools, potting soil, and compost. In return for your contribution to our seasonal start up costs, we provide you with a weekly share of our harvest all summer long. Our Summer Vegetable CSA lasts for 20 weeks, from early June through mid-October, and each week you pick up a box containing a variety of the freshest in-season produce available on the farm. Our Fall CSA lasts 6 weeks from mid-October through Thanksgiving - all the details are on our Fall CSA Overview page.

How much Does A Share Cost

***PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR SUMMER CSA IS SOLD OUT FOR 2019, 2020 shares will go on sale in January of 2020. FALL CSA details can be found here. ***

We offer two sizes for our vegetable shares, a “Small Share” ideal for individuals or couples, and a “Large Share” for a family of 4+ or for two couples to split.

Small Share:
$405 for on-farm pick-up
(Divided by 20 weeks, you are paying just $20 each week)
$425 for off-farm pick-up sites (The additional $20 covers our delivery costs for the season - just $1 per week!)

Large Share:
$555 for on-farm pick-up
($27.50 worth of produce per week)
$575 for off-farm pick-up sites (The additional cost covers our delivery costs for the season - just $1 per week!)

The bonus for both shares is that each week we give you at least 10% more value in your box than what you paid for- that means you're receiving a better deal than you would at the grocery store or even the farmers' market. You can count on even more value in your box during peak season when tomatoes, summer squash and cucumbers are flourishing. Your early investment is key to helping us get our season started! 

What can I expect in my box?

We aim for 6-8 different types of vegetables and culinary herbs in your box each week; a colorful selection of what is ripe and ready to harvest in the fields. Our goal is to provide you with a great value and a wide range of delicious produce including, but not limited to, salad greens (lettuce, arugula, mixed greens), cooking greens (spinach, kale, chard), root vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots), fruiting veggies (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), and alliums (scallions, onions, leeks). The bounty on the farm changes throughout the season, and your box will reflect the changing seasons. You’ll receive lots of tender spring crops in June, an abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini in July and August, and in September you will notice a shift towards fall crops like cabbages, winter squash and fall greens.

Where and when do I pick up my share?

Our pick-ups take place on Wednesdays from the first week of June through mid-October. The morning of the pick-up we will send out a newsletter via email which lists what you’ll be receiving in your box along with cooking tips and recipes. We host a pick-up on the farm in Windham and at multiple locations in Portland. Our 2019 locations and pick-up times are listed below.

Bumbleroot Organic Farm (4pm-6:30pm**)
Address: 196 Highland Cliff Road in South Windham
** Please note that our on-farm pick-up times have changed for 2019- we will be ending pick-up at 6:30 due to lack of attendance between 6:30 and 7pm.

1) Portland Farmers' Market in Monument Square (7am-1pm)
Address: Bumbleroot Organic Farm market tent in Monument Square

2) Portland Food Co-op (4pm-8pm)**
Address: 290 Congress St. (East End, at the bottom of Munjoy Hill)
**Please note that due to space limitations, family shares will not be available at this location.

3) Rosemont Neighborhood (4pm-7pm)
Address: Edwards St. (private residence, exact address disclosed when you sign up)

2019 Flower Shares (Sold out!)

All the details of this year’s flower shares can be found on our “Flower CSA” page. We are offering three different options: a 6 week “Early Summer” share, a 6 week “Late Summer” share, and a 12 week “Full Season” share that spans the whole summer. Each week you will receive a colorful mixed bouquet, the perfect size for your counter or kitchen table. All the flowers we use in our CSA bouquets are grown, gathered and arranged with love on our farm in Windham. We grow over 100 varieties of specialty cut flowers and are excited to be adding some amazing new varieties this year. Flower shares are perfect as an add-on to a vegetable share, or they can be a great gift for a loved one! Read more about our different flower options here.

CSA Add-ons Available at the Farm

We’re excited to be offering two CSA additions at our on-farm pick-up in 2019! We are partnering with our friends at Winter Hill Farm in Freeport to offer a 10 week “Cheese Share”, as well as a 10 week “Mushroom Share” through North Spore Mushroom Company. We’re thrilled about this opportunity to collaborate with other local farms and food producers. These partnerships help to strengthen our local food community and increase access to the amazing farm products that exist here in Maine. Unfortunately, since we do not have refrigeration at our off-farm pick-up sites, these add-ons are exclusively available to our members who pick up at the farm in Windham.

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Winter Hill Cheese Share
10 weeks, $80
Every other week you will receive between 1/3 and ½ lb of cheese, a broad selection over the course of the season. Winter Hill Farm uses milk from their own herd as well as certified organic milk from The Milkhouse, and has won several awards for their cheeses in national competitions. They are proud to make nearly 10,000 lbs of cheese each year by hand, and currently make 8 varieties of cheeses, including fresh cheese, feta, bloomy rind cheeses (camembert style), aged raw milk cheeses, and blue cheese.  For more information on their cheese and their farm, please visit their website.


North Spore Mushroom Share
10 weeks, $130
Every other week you will receive 1 lb. of mushrooms, all grown by North Spore Mushroom Company in Westbrook, Maine, right down the road from our farm. Included in the share is a rotating cast of Shiitake, different types of Oyster munshrooms, and Lion's Mane mushrooms. If you are a mushroom-lover, you won’t find a better price for your supply, as this is well below retail value for these delicious varieties. We are excited to support our farmers’ market neighbors who are working hard to expand Mainers' culinary palettes and educate folks about all things mushrooms.  Learn more about their innovative work on their website.

How do I pay?

Please Note *** Our 2019 Vegetable CSA is sold out, but our Flower CSA is still on sale. You may pay on our website or send a check. Checks can be made payable to:

Bumbleroot Organic Farm
196 Highland Cliff Rd.
Windham, ME 04062

If mailing a check, please send an email to csa@bumblerootorganicfarm.com with the following information included:
1. Share selection (Early Summer Flower Share, Late Summer Flower Share, or Full Season Flower Share).
2. Pick-up location
3. Mailing address
4. Email address (the best address to send our weekly newsletter)

Thank you for supporting our farm!